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Silence is deadly.

In Uncategorized on June 15, 2013 at 6:51 pm

Below is the email that stopped me in my tracks on Thursday morning. It’s so true…how could I have forgotten something so simple & so obvious. I sat down & started thinking.

You see my business is feast or famine, its all me, all the time. I stay busy but I do my best to appear calm & organized, when asked about my business I always reply “it’s great, doing good” even if I’ve had a horrible day & everything is falling apart! I’m the cute little duck swimming nicely on top of the water and under the water I’m paddling like hell! It’s just the nature of this business. It’s my job to make the process of selling their home simple for my clients, to take care of the “problems” that arise and make sure its handled from start clear through to close. You see, it’s my job to make selling real estate look easy.
So the moral of this story is I realized instantly when I saw this email that my clients, my very, incredibly important sellers want to hear from me and want to know what I’m doing to get their house sold and why on earth it hasn’t sold yet. I work on all of my listings every day. Period. Every day. I am working like a mad woman behind the scenes but you wouldn’t know that because I haven’t told you what I’m up to, remember I’m busy making this look easy.
Over the next few posts I’ll try to do a better job of explaining what it is that I do!


You’re doing everything you can to help get their home sold,
but if you’re not communicating the specifics to your sellers:
1. They won't know what you're doing. 3. You won't know what they're assuming. 3. You may be missing an opportunity for repeat and refered business.
  1. This caught my attention, Brandi, as I can relate! I’ll look forward to seeing your future additions to this topic.

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